It is in our system to long for something. To always think it can be better and prettier. Nothing is ever perfect. Our brains want to dream impossible dreams. Reach the highest. Capture all the stars. Find the end of the rainbow.


Sometimes when we close our eyes, we lower ourselves into the sea of pink clouds. We let the soft clouds stroke our skin, flow inside though our ears and blur reality. The reality disappears for a moment. All the grey busy difficulties are buried far away, so we can pretend they don’t exist.


The world we can imagine is unique. Everything is adapted to your own personality, your own mind. Everything is the way you want it to be. Everything is good.

Your Utopia is something very personal.

Everything is adapted to your own personality and mind.

Everyone has their own dreams.


While playing Utopoly you discover more about your own dreams, but you also learn what other people want and dream about. By talking about your Utopia you get to know each other better.


In the beginning of the game you choose your Utopia based on Points for 8 different categories: Transport, Health, Housing, Family, Luxury, Environment and Peace. The player that is the first to reach his/her Utopia wins the game. However there are some consequences to your perfect world, you have to think about the pollution and conflicts that things bring with them. Not everything is always as good as it seems.


During the game you will use the Collage Elements to create your Utopia on your personal Utopia Board with. In this way you create a visual representation of your dreams.

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