When you buy Ser-Vies you get a big, heavy box which contains: a tea set, a table cloth and three tubes with paint. You set the table, make tea and put some paint on your plate. When you put your cup on the plate the paint will get on the bottom. While you are drinking tea, you can put your cup nonchalant on the tablecloth, where a small circle of paint is left behind. The teapot or sugar bowl can also leave different sizes of circles. This way, when the evening gets cozier, your tablecloth will become full of the visual memories. At the end of the night, you have your own printed tablecloth and a subtle colored edge on the bottom of your tea set.


This project was made as part of pARTi, the Art Production Group of youth production house NOWHERE in Amsterdam. Since 2009 we stood on many locations with exhibitions and interactive installations. Ser-Vies was exhibited in the Chiellerie in Amsterdam.

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