Museumnacht Amsterdam

In 2011 pARTi was asked by the Amsterdam Museum to make an interactive installation for the Museumnight, with the theme ‘Power’. We gave a workshop at youth production house NOWHERE in Amsterdam and together with the participants we made 4 movable cabins. The doors were placed in a way that it was not possible to go to the next cabin when they were all standing in a row, only when we moved them. This way we decided when the audience was allowed to go on, in this way we had power over the visitors. Inside the cabins they experienced different ways of having and not having power.


This project was made as part of pARTi, the Art Production Group of youth production house NOWHERE in Amsterdam. Since 2009 we stood on many locations with exhibitions and interactive installations.

In 2012 the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam asked pARTi to make a performance for the Museumnight. Again we worked with participants of a workshop at NOWHERE. We interacted with the people who where waiting in line. Together with the audience we made Mondriaan patterns and remakes of other famous paintings.

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