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Design Academy Eindhoven

Since 2012 I’m studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven at the Man and Leisure department.

de Breiwacht

We spend so many time sitting next to each other. Waiting for the time to go by. Wanting to do something.

Refugees are spending months waiting in refugee camps. Where they often have nothing to do. Through knitting de Breiwacht brings these waiting people together. You can take your mind off your problems and worries. You share your knowledge and stories while creating something nice and useful.

The Breiwacht collects knitting and crochet needles and wool from people who have these things laying at home but don’t make use of it anymore.

To make it easy to organize new workshops I created a Starters Kit with everything you need; the files and posters for collecting the wool, a booklet with tips and tricks and a knitting manual for all languages.
With this Starters Kit everyone should be able to organise a knitting workshop in the
Refugee Center in their neighbourhood.
koffer gif starters kit poster